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I thnk it's important to minister beyond the walls of our churches, and beyond our own membership. To that end, I am the Chaplain in Long Island Cadet Squadron 10 of the Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxilliary. I have also been a group chaplain, which means I had responsibility for a number of squadrons in Pennsylvania, and prior to that , in Northern Virginia, as well.


As Civil Air Patrol is the auxilliary of the U.S. Air Force, I have been endorsed by the UUA for this position, and am counted among the approximately 20 military chaplains currently serving in the UUA. This also means that I am able to serve in Air Force Assigned Missions, something I did in 2021 when I assisted Air Force Reserve Chaplains in interviewing reservists who were asking for religious exemptions from vaccinations.

As chaplain, I spend time with both cadets and senior officers, providing spiritual support and helping out in other ways wherever I can.


As a mission chaplain, I'm qualified to provide emergency chaplain services during any incident that Civil Air Patrol might be called in to assist with. As such, I was privileged to be able to serve at FEMA in support of hurricane relief efforts a few years ago.  I believe that my service as a CAP chaplain has made me a better parish minister.

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