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Stories help to connect us to our past and help us to make sense of our present.  Stories are how we make sense of the world. Stories are how we learn about one another.  I've been a storyteller all my life, and I've been a biblical storyteller since 2010.


I think it's important for us to tell stories to one another - in worship, in religious education, and in all aspects of life in the church.  When we tell stories, we encourage others to tell their stories.


When it comes to scripture, telling the scriptures rather than reading them helps them to come alive and helps us to experience them in an entirely new way.   Therefore, I'm commited not only to telling the stories, but to teaching them as well.  Learning how to tell biblical stories also helps us to tell other stories.


Since storytelling is so important to my ministry, I became a certified biblical storyteller (through the Academy for Biblical Storytelling) - and I'm the only certified UU biblical storyteller. So far. F0llowing my initial certification, I also became a Master Biblical Storyteller (December 2017). For my final project, I wrote a book, Guide To Biblical Storytelling For Military Chaplains. I'm also a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers (NBS), and have presented workshops at the annual NBS Festival Gathering, for the Interim Ministry Network, and at UU teacher trainings and worship workshops. 







Here you can see me telling the story commonly referred to as "The Woman Caught in Adultery" from the Gospel of John. This is a professionally produced video from Ankos Films

Here is a video of me telling a portion of the story of Esther chapter 6:1-12 to a class at Wesley Theological Seminary.  The Book of Esther is a comedy. Perhaps you'll find something funny here.


This is the cover of my book .The book is an introductory guide covering the basics of biblical storytelling designed especially for military chaplains and those who work with them. It has practical advice for getting started in storytelling, and also for how to use biblical storytelling in a chaplaincy context.

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