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It is a minister's distinct privilege to officiate rites of passage for people. I have been present for people at the most significant moments of life - blessing newborn infants and their parents, dedicating and baptizing babies, (and the occasional adult), marrying couples, and, at the end of life, conducting funeral and memorial services to honor the memory of the departed and to comfort the living.


Particularly with weddings and memorial services, I believe that people ought to have the services that they want.  I'm happy to provide guidance for those who aren't sure what they might want or where to begin, but these services aren't about me or for me.  I am merely a conduit. 


I am a certified Prepare-Enrich couples facilitator, and provide this pre-marital service to all couples whom I marry.  Weddings are wonderful special days, but I want to help couples to be prepared for all the days that come after that.



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